Rod Of Correction "Lies"
$5.00 - $12.00

  • Rod Of Correction

Rod Of Correction "Lies"
$5.00 - $12.00

The debut from San Diego’s Rod Of Correction (members of Take Offense, Narrows, Godcollider), showcases a tasteful collision of punk, metal and hardcore that only veteran players could bring to the table. Though punk and metal have a long, sordid history of playing footsy, true heads always check for the next mutation this pairing has to spawn, and for these hoary hosts of Hoggoth doth the Rod of Correction exist. Leeway, Broken Bones, Anthrax, Suicidal and Excel all contribute to the foundation of the group’s sound, but it’s the members’ collective decades of playing in various bands that give them the foresight not to simply plagiarize, but rather build off said foundation and create an honest vision they can call their own.

1. Psalms Pt. I and II
2. Poison Institutions
3. This Toxic Void
4. Blood Cult
5. Castle’s Law
6. Trenchwar

Released: April 20, 2018

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