Force Of Change "The Fire Stills Burns"
$7.00 - $15.00

  • Force Of Change

Force Of Change "The Fire Stills Burns"
$7.00 - $15.00

Straight forward, with a small dash of metal, and free from any tough guy persona or crew mentality, Force of Change bring in a new era of Orange County straight edge. Started in the hopes to form a hardcore band akin to those of which they grew up on, they looked to their own record collections for inspiration but never with the intent of imitation.

1. Our Escape
2. The Fire Still Burns
3. Fuck You
4. This Promise to Myself
5. Back to Nothing
6. Disgrace
7. Searching
8. This is Goodbye
9. Blind
10. The Bond We Share

Released: October 10, 2006

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